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There's more than one reason to get quality Web site hosting

(image) There's more than one reason to get quality web hostingWeb site hosting is used to refer to the housing of a web site, email or a domain. It is its place on the web, the home of your site.

Your web site must physically reside on a server that's connected to the internet. It possible to host a site yourself but managed by a hosting company has significant advantages. Speed of connection, reliability and uptime guarantees are the obvious ones.

There are various types of hosting and the model you choose must match your needs. If you going to need PHP scripting to deliver dynamic content make sure the hosting solution can do this. Changing services afterwards can take time or if your site is slow it will put off potential customers.

Choosing a host is not just a question of cost.

Information that you used to register your domain including contact information, length of registration, name server etc is used to determine the legitimacy of domains. Google uses pattern matching between information about your domain with that of known illegitimate domains and also looks at whether this information, hosting company or name servers change often. This can be seen as spamming to Google.

Choosing a reputable host for your web site is essential. If your web hosting company is seen to be hosting spam sites or worst its address could be blacklisted from the search engines. Your site could disappear so choose wisely.