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Good web site design = a working website

To many business are 'just online' because it is deemed necessary to have website, akin to a must have fashion accessory but they don't work for the business or give a return on the investment.

Business websites should perform one of two functions to work for you.

1. Sell products or services, for example, an e-commerce site, an online shop. The goal of this type of site is online sales.

2. Generate prospects for your business so you can turn them into customers. The goal of this type of site is offline sales.

If your site fulfils one of these functions you will then see a return on your investment.

Once your goals are defined the site design must reflect that. Easy navigation, search engine friendly pages and an image that positively reflects your company are a must.

Whether you need a basic web site to get your business started or a complex system of integrated applications including content management, e-commerce, database driven applications


TalkingComs takes a 6 step approach.

Step1 - Understanding:

From our very first contact, we focus on understanding your company's brand, business model and customer base so that throughout the design process we keep the ultimate goal in mind - helping your business succeed.

We ask you what is the purpose(s) of the site – what do you hope to accomplish with a website - how do you envision the website once it’s completed, and who is your target audience.

We ask about content and how this content will be categorised, determine what marketing materials you already have (logos, stationary, envelopes, brochures, magazine/newspaper ads, booklets, leaflets, corporate communications, seminar materials).

After defining a thorough understanding of your business objectives and project requirements, a proposal is formulated.

Step 2 -Proposal:

A detailed proposal is provided outlining the functionality of your website, its visual design and architecture, costs and a timeline.

Mockups: Once the proposal is accepted, our next step is to design mockups - preliminary site designs. We incorporate expert design, navigation, structural flow, content development and technical expertise. At this point our client views the mockups, gives us his feedback, and we adjust the design accordingly. From then it's move on to full production.

Step 3 - Production:

Here is where it all comes together. During this phase, all the elements transform t into a reality. This can take anywhere from a few days for several months, depending of the size of the project.

The end result is an attractive, functional, compelling vision of your business on the World Wide Web.

Step 4 - Launch:

We set your site loose to the online world and begin the process of promoting your site and growing the

Step 5 - Online marketing:

There is little value to a brilliant site that no one can find. This is where by following the marketing checklist you will see R.O.I. (return on investment)

Step 6 - Site support:

People assign more credibility to websites that have been recently updated than to those that remain static. TalkingComs work with you to maintain your web site and keep it fresh.

For information about web site design contact us here on 02476 46 59 59

5 easy mistakes : What not to do on your web site

1 - Proper domain names

Many businesses choose to set up online using free web space from their internet service provider, rather than having their own web address because it's a bit cheaper.

Ask yourself this question -which company would you feel more comfortable buying from - or

It's e cost effective to register your own domain name; and the benefits speak for themselves.

The same goes for email addresses. Use an email address that uses your business web address (e.g.

2. Slow loading pages

Make sure your web site does not load too slowly. If your web pages take more than 10 seconds to load over a 56k modem, your business runs the risk of losing visitors.

3. Phoneless in Cyberspace

There are few things more off-putting annoying to customers than a business that doesn't seem to exist in the real world. Put your phone number prominently on your website. Many customers look at sites while phoning - referring to the site, but buying by phone.

4. Antique Information

Don't leave dated content on your website. Keep the information on your site current. Remember to update phone numbers and take off dated offers and news. If your latest news item is 3 years old do you really need a news section.

5. Background Noise

Many website's make the mistake of using busy background wallpaper. People think the designs add interest and panache to their sites, but all it does is interfere with the message. Keep it clean, a basic colour for the background, one that is consistent with your image.