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Other pay per click advertising

There are over 500 pay per click search engines and some of these can give your business significant additional exposure to more prospects.

With the head start you get from using Adwords you will know that your ads are going to work.

MIVA (formerly FindWhat)

MIVA has a global distribution network with hundreds of partners, search engines, portals, directories and vertical niches. It provides advertisers with access to the MIVA Private Label Network - Mitsui, Lycos InSiteTM, Verizon and more.


7Search results appear in over 35% of the top 150 search engines in English-speaking countries and Alexa shows it to have a significant amount of traffic compared to other pay per click search engines.


Kanoodle has partnerships with sites such as, NetZero, DogPile, CNET, Metacrawler and Turbofind.


ePilot's results are displayed on partners' sites such as,,, Pageseeker, and many more.


What we do

Using the intelligence from Google and Overture Campaign pick other pay per click advertisers that are going to best deliver prospects to your site. Set up, manage and monitor campaigns within the budget specified.