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Write a press release and tell your story to the world

(image) Press releaseWhy get press coverage? Maybe you want to raise awareness of your latest
project or product? You may want to raise the profile of your company, or of the kind of work you’re doing.

You may also want to bring your project to the attention of commercial sponsors and software distributors. There are many reasons why you want to seek media attention.

What ever the reason there are some significant benefits for your online marketing strategy.

Think link !

Including links to your wed site in your press release is a must. It can bring in traffic, not any old traffic, targeted traffic, people interested in what you have to say. Potential customers.

Don't just target local and traditional media. Press releases are increasingly read on the web so visitors can click through and come to your site. Distribute using a press release distribution service, they feed the search engines and blogs with your release as soon as it is issued.

Your press releases will contain highly relevant links from important sites that help the search ranking of the pages they link to.

Tell the world your story, create some news. It's a win - win situation.