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Email marketing gets you up close and personal

(image) E-mail marketing by TalkingComsE-mail marketing is one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your customers and keep them coming back to your website again and again..

Emails are cost-effective way to keep in closer contact with customers and build brand awareness of what you can offer your customer and build loyalty.

E-mails let you talk to your customers personally and building an effective list is just part of following the marketing checklist.

Once you have your list you can automate follow-up messages, stay in touch with newsletters and keep your customers with important developments with white papers.

Top tips to make email marketing WORK for you

  • Create a compelling, interesting and relevant newsletter and send it REGULARLY.
  • Give utility and value, with special offers and unique information that your privileged customer and prospects should have.
  • Don't bore prospects with just a 'Join the newsletter' links, tell them why hey should join and what they can expect.
  • Keep the sign up process simple
  • Sign up people off line as well,
  • Make sure you comply with the law and guidelines when you market through email