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(image) Google Ad-wordsis Google Ad-words the holy grail for business on the web?

the answer is simple - "Yes it is!"

Google Ad-words offer your business a massive competitive advantage over your competition when used properly. It will generate prospects interested in your business and something else of great value. Knowledge. It gives you insight and intelligence that you can plan your business on.

By tracking the results of your campaigns you will know what your visitors are looking for and whether your web site is working for you.

Every second, everywhere throughout the world, consumers and advertisers use keywords on Google to find exactly what there looking for - each other. In the UK Google is the favourite search engine.

(image) How Google Ad-Words worksFact - 77% of searches in the UK are done with Google - Source : Hit wise June 2006

Google Ad-words let your business appear on page 1 of the results for the keywords YOU choose within minutes of setting up your campaign.

Plus you don't pay unless someone clicks your advert. Compare that to putting an advert in the paper or trade magazine. Those that click on your online advert are interested in your business, targeted potential customer who is actively looking.

How it works

  • You choose which keywords you want your ads associated with, then your ads appear alongside Google search results and on web pages related to that keyword.
  • You pay only when someone clicks on your ad.
    (It’s called cost-per-click (CPC) advertising)
  • You can track ROI through every campaign, on every ad or keyword.
  • Minimum CPC pricing starts at 5p a keyword, and will never exceed a maximum price – you “bid” – that you set
  • Your ads run automatically on Google.
  • You can track results - R.O.I. is measurable unlike advertising in the paper you know exactly what return you get.
  • You set your maximum daily budget so you will never overspend, ever!
  • Prices are automatically reduced so you only pay a penny more than your nearest competitor.
  • Google dynamically positions your ad on its pages.

SO you get new business but what about and the Google 'holy grail'?

The intelligence and insight you get from running a campaign can be used in other areas of your business.

The intelligence and insight you get from running a campaign should be used in other areas of your business.


  • You know what prospects are looking SO... use that information to optimise your web site
  • You know what adverts work SO... use it in your printed media
  • You know what visitors are clicking on your site SO... organise your site to best promote what your prospects want.
  • You know what you're going to pay SO... no nasty surprises and measurable results
  • That's just the start of the benefits; imagine the advantage you will get over your competitors.

That just the start of the benefits , imagine the advantage you will get over your competitors.













What we do

Create Google Ad-words campaigns, work up keyword lists, split test campaigns, beat the controls, refine, develop and show R.O.I for your business.

Client quote

(image) Inspired Fitness MD Marcus McDonald"We generated more new clients using Ad words in just two weeks than in the last three years spending thousands on advertising."

Marcus McDonald -

Inspired Fitness MD