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Get domain names right

Choose the wrong domain name for your business and you will miss out. Choose the right name and you will give your business a competitive advantage. Would you be confident in buying from a whose web address was Domain names are cheap and allow you to be contacted 24/7/365. They're how your customer finds and communicates with you so its important to get the domain right for your business..

6 top tips in choosing the right domain name

  1. Use a proper domain name not one you got with free hosting
  2. Your domain name should be your website name
  3. Choose a domain name that is going to benefit your business
  4. .com, .eu or - choose the suffix that is right for your business
  5. Pick a name that is going to be easy to remember, this doesn't mean it has to be short, just memorable
  6. Use different domain names to target traffic to your business niche.































What we do

Register the right domain for you and make sure you use the domain in a way that's best for your business.