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The marketing checklist - the Syntax

step 1 :Google Ad-words

Is Google the holy grail for business on the web. Google Ad-words offers your business massive competitive advantage over your competition when used properly

more Google Ad-words

step 2 : Search engine optimisation

Here's the reason why you should pay attention to search engine optimisation

more SEO - Search engine optimisation

step 3 : Overture pay per click (PPC) advertising

Overture PPC (Yahoo Search) - is it as good as Google?

 more Overture (Yahoo Search)

step 4 : Other PPC advertising

Other PPC advertising works if you have had a head start

more PPC - Pay per click

step 5 : Email lists

E-mail marketing gets up close and personal

more email lists

step 6 : Set up affiliates programs

If Amazon uses affiliate marketing program marketing, shouldn't you.

more affiliate marketing

step 7 : Press releases

Write a press release and tell your story to the world.

more Press releases

step 8 : Direct mail (could include podcasting)

Direct mail is dead - Isn't it? Top 5 direct mail tips.

more direct mail - more podcasting

step 9 : Print advertising

Meet 'aida', she'll guarantee your print advertising makes a great first impression.

more print advertising