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Working websites

So many business are 'just' online, there because it is deemed necessary to have one, but they don't work and or give a return on the investment.

Business websites should perform two functions.

1. Sell products or services, for example, an e-commerce site, an online shop.

2. Generate prospects for your business so you can turn them into customers

If it fulfills one of these functions you will then see a return on your investment.

Register a domain

Register a domain that is suitable for your online business, not necessarily your company name ...more on domain names

Web space for your website

Web site hosting is not amount choosing the cheapest - it's about choosing a solution that will work for you ...more on web site hosting

Add well written content

Effective copy writing gives you allows you to talk to your customers and prospects in the right way - you never get a second chance to make a first impression ...more on copy writing

Add quality images

"If a picture paints a thousand words" - the better the quality of your pictures the clearer and more effective your message will be ...more on photography and images

Consider Blogs and Podcasting

Building a social network between you and clients can benefit your business. greatly. Blogging and Podcasting can give your business the chance to build networks and contact you customers directly ...more blogging ...more podcasting

Market your website

'If you build it they will come.' Not with websites, you need to be found. To see a return on your investment marketing your business web site in the right way and in the right order will connect you with your prospects and customers ...more on The Marketing Checklist