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Yahoo pay per click advertising - is it as good as google?

Yahoo! Search Marketing Solutions is considered the original pay per click program.

Yahoo provides paid search listings on many of the top search engines and internet portals such as: Alltheweb, Alta Vista, Yahoo, MSN, and loads of other portals, search engines, and websites.

What's the difference between Yahoo and Google AdWords


Google AdWords


Speed & Ease of Set-Up

You set up your account online and within minutes, your ad appears in the search results.

There are two options - Fast Track & Self-Serve* - With Fast Track, it will be 3 business days. With Self-Serve, it will be 10 business days.

Start-Up Costs

£5 & then you're billed monthly after the clicks have been delivered.

Fast Track - £79*
Self-Serve - Free
You must also submit a £60 deposit that will be applied to clicks. Minimum monthly spend £20

Type of Listing

You appear as a Sponsor listing on the right-hand side of search results. Your ad is ranked based on the price you bid AND your click through rate (CTR - the number of times your ad is clicked divided by the number of times your ad is shown). Your rewarded for good ads.

Display on various partner sites varies. Search results are listed in order of bid amount for each keyword.

Click Cost

You specify a maximum bid for each keyword and you are never charged more than a penny more than the next bidder.

You bid how much you will pay for each keyword. Minimum bid is 10 pence.

Easy to Change Details?

All automated online. Changes are in effect within minutes

All changes made online. They must be approved first, but this is done within a couple of hours.

Bottom line - why use Yahoo with Google

Yahoo doesn't offer, in our opinion, the advantages of Adwords in terms of cost effectiveness and speed of implementation.

But Yahoo network may be a better way to get to your customers. Follow the marketing checklist having setup a successful campaign with Google you will know what works and know what gets results so you won't have to test.

Bottom line for you, use both Yahoo and Google and you probably have something on the order of 90% web reach.