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Direct mail is dead - isn't it?

Direct mail is totally unique, it can target prospective customers with laser precision. Deliver a complete and compelling sales message and establish a solid presence in your prospect and customers mind for about £1 a month.

Compared to e-marketing direct mail is expensive. Snail mail is slow. Right? It is, but what if you know before hand what ingredients you need to make the campaign successful.

If you follow the marketing checklist, gather the intelligence from Google and the successes from optimising your website you will know what prospects want and what works with your online marketing. You will have the ingredients to make a direct marketing campaign successful.

Podcasting means you can tell your prospect about your business and another method of direct marketing that can be a weapon in your armoury.

Top 5 direct mailing tips

  • Use your list wisely
  • Personalise your mailing
  • No offer = No response
  • Test your direct mail on a small sample of your list
  • Track your returns